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Reality Kingdom: Silver Scroll

Used in the transformation of the Silver Knights, the Silver Scroll is a rare resource that it becomes more scarce every day. You can burn it to transform into a Silver Knight, or you can just hold it to take advantage of the evaluation.

Total Minted

NaN% (0/0)

Price per unit

7.7 Matic

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Be a knight

Transform yourself into our noble knight and enjoy the benefits. Here are some knights who have already joined our Kingdom

Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #1226
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #1226
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #533
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #1335
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #4
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #595
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #917
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #995
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #106
Reality Kingdom: Silver Knight #525


How to create a NFT?

Our system is designed to attend to a variety of people with different profiles. It is ideal not only for those who wish to create a custom knight with their own appearance, but also for those who choose to maintain an anonymous identity, allowing them to create knights with closed helmets without needing to upload personal pictures.

Custom Knight




Benefit & Utility


The Silver Scroll was carefully curated with an accessible price, with the goal of providing to everyone the chance to explore and enjoy the Reality Kingdom world. We want to welcome everyone, offering an accessible opportunity of getting to know and being a part of our kingdom.

Reality Raffle

When creating a raffle, you won't face any fees to set it as featured. You will also have the opportunity to participate in exclusive giveaways and enjoy other benefits - present and future - that are to come.


Your knight can be used to earn Reality Coin, a currency that can be spent in our market, in digital products, in minigames and in future features that will be implemented in the future.


We are open to suggestions and encourage you to share your ideas with the community. If your suggestion stands out among the Holders,we will transform it into a project for everyone.

Exclusive events

Earn the rights to participate in mysterious events in our platform and enjoy from many fascinating benefits from them.

Exclusive community

Gain access to our exclusive community, filled with a variety of content and news!


You will be able to enjoy a wide array of fun events in our platform, which offers exclusive novelties and special rewards to Holders.

Support the Amazon

By participating, you will be contributing to the animal rescue efforts and to the protection of endangered species in the Amazon region.

We support Nature

With your brave silver knight, you are about to embark on an exciting journey through the portal to help endangered animals in the Amazon. And, as proof of your noble mission, a beautiful badge will be delivered to your achievements box as a symbol of your important role in contributing to the preservation of endangered animals in the Amazon.

Together, we are making a difference!

Endangered species

Species extinction is a serious concern and a global issue that affects the biodiversity of our planet. There are many animals at risk of extinction due to a variety of threats, including habitat loss, illegal hunting, pollution, climate change, and the introduction of invasive species

How does it work?

For every scroll you purchase, we will be setting aside $0.10 USD to make a donation. When all scrolls are completed, we will transparently display the amount that will be sent to a trusted NGO

Thank You ❤️

We wholeheartedly thank all those who dedicate themselves to our Reality Kingdom community and believe in the power of love, change, and the strength of collaboration. We are more than just a technological platform; we are here to contribute to building a better world.


Why use Polygon?


Technology! Polygon is one of the most popular layer 2s on Ethereum because of its reliable team. We believe that it’ll continue to grow over time because of its speed and cost, as we don’t believe that mints should be expensive, in fact, we believe in the complete opposite: NFTs are amazing and should be used by everybody, and this is something that Polygon embellishes.

Do I have to use the scroll?


You don't necessarily need to use your scroll, but to enjoy all the benefits of Reality, you need to use it to create your NFT. This way, you can make the most of the wonders offered by the silver scroll

Will there be other artifacts/scrolls?


Yes! In the future, there will be other scrolls and artifacts, but they will be unique and collectible pieces. Each of them will have its own purposes and contain some unique exclusivity

What if I don't like my generated NFT?


If any issues arise during the creation of your NFT, please do not select any options and contact our support through a ticket on Discord, where you can explain what happened

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